James Burchill - Certified Productivity & Marketing Automation Coach
"Most people have no idea the impact marketing automation has on their sales and revenue. It's entirely possible to 'double their business' with only a few small changes!"
Trying to visualize a sales and marketing campaign is easier said than done, which is why I developed a series of one page schematics showing you the parts and pieces that make up an optimal sales funnel process.
Hello, my name is James Burchill and if you'd like some help with your sales and marketing automation then you're in the right place!
Simply start by downloading the FREE GIFT and I'll immediately send you a copy of my "Sale or Bail" campaign design schematic.
Then I'll begin sharing other one-page campaign schematics that you can use to help build out your own marketing automations.
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Take care and happy automating!
James Burchill
PS. My sales process and campaign designs are universal and can be applied to any business marketing automation platform. That said, I specialize in Infusionsoft and Aweber.